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How can I change my password or email address?
Chose Settings within the menu to change your password or email address.

Can I change my username?
No, you have to pick one when your sign up, you can't change this later.

What's the Profile for?
With the help of your profile you can share things about you for the other players. You can upload your own picture, share your age, address and even add an Introduction text to it.

What's the Messageboard for?
Use the message board to send a short message to everyone. If you want your message to be displayed on the banner at the top of the page you need to send a Short text message.

What's messaging?
Messaging is VirtualBark's own internal messaging system. You need the username of the person you want to send a message to. You can't use this to send emails. We made it 3 parts, the 'Compose' to write a new message, the 'Inbox' to check messages sent to you and the 'Outbox' to be able to see the messages you sent.

Does VirtualBark keep record of every message?
We keep messages for 4 months. You can also save messages by clicking the small floppy icon. Before that though you need to tick the messages you want to save.

Do I need to register again to use the forums?
No, the forums are only available for logged in members, no need to log in again.

The forums won't show up, it just says they will show in a new window. What do I do now?
Make sure you're allowing popups from

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