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What are Stuff?
Stuffs are the things you bought, the things that make your dog's life easier. Find here toys, dog houses, leash, bank papers and training materials.

What can I do with these things?
You can cheer up your dog with toys if you play with any other toy than the simple stick. If your dog has a house, it slows down the loss of its pleasure points. If it has a leash you will get it back for sure if it escapes, while loosing the leash itself. The dog whistle allows you to teach two lessons to a dog that is in perfect shape. You can exchange bank papers for stuff you buy.

What does the validity mean under the name of the Stuff I buy and what is deposit near my bank papers?
The validity of a toy stands for the number of times you can use it. If its 10, after 10 uses of the toy it gets so old you need to bin it. The dog houses and leashes wear off 1 point every turn, toys wear of with each game and the whistle during trainings. In case of bank papers the deposit stands for the time your money is deposited and will be available again. If you use it earlier you lose the interest.

If I trow out or bin something do I get the money back?
No, once its binned there's no reimbursement available.

If I don't use a toy does it still get old?
No, the unused toys keep their validity intact.

Does my deposited bank papers still produce interest after the deposit period is over?
No, after expiry you need to change your bank papers and deposit them again for that.

Where can I buy stuff?
You can buy stuff in the shop in exchange for golden bones.

How does the shop work?
<img src="templates/0/flashtut/icon_eye.gif" onclick="javascript:showit(0);" style="cursor:pointer"> Inside the shop at the top you can find and navigate amongst the stuff with the arrow buttons. If you picked a product you need to click on its picture. Click and drag the picture to the white space below (where you can see the 'empty' writing at start). Your products gets in the basket after letting the mouse button go. If you change your mind, you can simply just drag the product out from the white area into the recycle bin just the way you did before. If you want to clear your basket just click 'Empty basket' at the bottom. If you finished click the Purchase button.

Can I buy more than one instance of the same product?
Sure you can. The counter near the product picture will tell you how many you have in the basket.

How does the bank work and what's it for?
In the bank you can deposit your golden bones, at least 500 of them. Your get a 5% interest every 14 turns, that means 25 new golden bones after every 500.

Can I purchase at the shop using my money from the bank?
No, you can only use money that is not deposited. You can exchange your bank papers for purchase though.

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