What are kennels?
Small communities of VirtualBark with several leaders and their very own forums. They help you solve your problems, easier finding a match for your dog and of course making friends within the kennel.

How can I become a kennel member?
You either start a new kennel or by joining an existing one.

How can I start my own kennel?
To start a new kennel you need 30000 golden bones. If you have this amount, at the bottom of the Kennels menu you'll find the appropriate button to start your own.

How can I join an existing kennel?
You write a message to the chosen kennel owner who then will send you an invitation. You can accept your invitation under the Kennel menu.

How long does a kennel invitation last?
Every invitation you get lasts for 20 turns. Once you joined a kennel you loose all your other invitations.

Can I just leave a kennel?
Sure, under the Kennel menu you'll find the Leave kennel option button. Should you be the leader of the kennel you first have to quit the leadership or close the kennel before leaving it.

Who is a kennel leader and what makes it different than members?
The kennel leader is leading the kennel, sends out invitations, moderates the kennel forums, can kick out members or can close the kennel, but can also quit leadership in favour of another member.

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