Marriage, pregnancy, puppies

When can my dog get married?
Your dog needs to be over 30 turns of age.

How can I get my dog married?
Same place you feed or walk your dog, you will find a Partner page. If it has no partner you can use the 'Partner Finder' to find it a partner. After this you'll have to send the other dog a marriage request or accept one sent to you.

Is it possible I send multiple marriage proposals?
You can send as many as you want, though bare in mind they only last for 2 weeks. After this they can no longer be answered.

I send several proposals but my dog still doesn't have a partner, what can I do now?
Try searching for a partner in the appropriate forum threads or message wall to increase your chances.

Is it possible to couple two dogs of the same gender?
Yes you can, though you won't be able to breed them and have puppies.

Is it possible to divorce or is marriage forever?
Yes, you can. The only exception is if your or the partner dog is pregnant you'll have to wait till the puppies are born. You can find the Divorce button under your partners' picture.

What happens if my dog or its partner is pregnant but it runs away for not being cared for enough?
In this case if your dog was pregnant it will still have its puppies. If your dog is the male you lost the chance to get your puppies.

When does a dog get pregnant?
If they live in a marriage and are being cared for well, then approximately monthly or every two months.

I've been waiting for months for my dog to get pregnant, what's wrong? What should I do?
Check for your partner to be a different gender and that its owner visits regularly. If you still think it should've been pregnant by now, report to us, maybe its our fault it didn't happen yet.

How do you know how much you got left for the puppies to arrive?
In the 'Pregnancy' menu you can follow up the remaining days your dog or its' partner has left.

How long does a pregnancy last?
Pregnancy lasts for 10 turns, the puppies are born after that.

How can I decide upon the faith of the puppies?
In the 'Pregnancy' after birth you'll see a button to 'Decide about the puppies'. Here you can decide to keep or sell the puppies. You have 14 days to make up your mind, after this time the puppies are being given away as a gift.

How many puppies are mine and how many are the partner's?
You get half of the number of puppies, if they have different genders you get from both if there are enough born.

How many puppies are born usually?
At least 2 but no more than 12, but usually around 6-8. You get half of this.

For how much can I sell the puppies I chose to not keep?
VirtualBark gives you 40 golden bones for each puppy.

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