What do values of food and drink mean? How are they changing?
Your dog need some food and drink to live. You can fill your dog's bowl for 8 turns with food and for 10 turns with drink. In each turn your dog eats and drinks because of this their food and drink will decrease. You can fill the bowls with different food and drinks, just click on the 'Feeding' button. If your dog's bowls are empty or almost empty, the pleasure will decrease, if bowls are fill, the pleasure will increase.

What does the pleasure value means? What good is it? How does it change?
The pleasure means your dog's pleasure. If you attend to yours dogs, they will have good pleasure, but if you don't, they will have bad one. If you do not feed and attend to your dogs, they will escape from you. With walking and playing games you can increase your dogs' pleasure. Because of the bathing your dogs' pleasure will decrease a little. The dogs with houses will be unhappy slowly.

What does the cleanness value means? What good is it? How does it change?
The clearness means your dogs' healthy and clearness. The dirty dogs are unhappy, however they do not like bathing too, because of it they will be a little unhappy. If you walk with your dogs, their cleannes will decrease.

What does knowledge means and what is the list?
The knowledge means what knowledge your dog currently has. In the list you can see what your dog is learning and can learn. You can increase your knowledge by teaching. Each knowledge has a teaching time.

What do the spouse and pregnant values mean? What good are they? How do they change?
The dogs are older than 30 turns can marry to an other one. You can see this menu item just that time. In the Spouse you can see your dog's spouse name or haven't got any spouse (in that time you can see the Partner Finder ). In the Pregnant section you can see if you or your partner is pregnant and you can see when you will have puppies and after the born you have to decide about the puppies.

How many times can I teach, play games, walk with may dogs in each turn?
You can do them once in each turn with one dog. Except the feeding you can change the type of food and drink anytime.

How can I give away my dog?
Under your dog's picture you can find the 'Giving away' button. With this you can give away your dog to somebody else or the orphanage. If you give away your dog the an other use, your dog won't divorce but in orphanage he/she will.

How can I rename the dogs?
If your dog is older than 7 turns, you can rename her/him under her/his picture.

How can I give the collar and the dog house to a dog?
Each dog might has got a collar or a house. If you click on the right bottom of your dog's picture, you can give a bought house or collar to your dog.

How can my dog escape?
If your dog's happiness is under the ground and the bowls are empty too, your dog might escape from you. If the dog has got a collar, you will get back him/her, but not the collar. The dogs without collar are in the orphanage or escape for ever.

Can the dogs die?
On the VirtualBark you have got virtual dogs so your dogs will not die. But they can escape from you if you do not breed them carefully.

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