How can I buy a new dog?
You can buy a new dog by clicking on the 'New dog' menu item on the left side. The first 5 dogs are free, the other will cost 50 golden bones. And there is an other way to get dogs: the orphanage.

Orphanage? How it works and how much money a dog costs?
After clicking on 'Orphanage' menu item, there will be a list with dogs and above it you can set it what dogs you would like to adopt from the orphanage. If you found the best dog, simply click on his/her name and choose the 'Adopt' button. The adoptation costs some golden bones if the dog isn't very clever (having less than 20 knowledge) or for a clever dog you have to pay by SMS. A dog costs as money as it is worth in knowledge!

Can I rename the adopted dog?
Yes, you can. But only when you adopted the dog

How can I breed my dog?
In the 'My dogs' section you can see your dogs. Just click on your dog's name and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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