General questions

What is VirtualBark
VirtualBark is an online game where you can breed your own dogs. The game is totally free, only you have to pay by SMS for some features!

How can I participate in the game?
Just sign up and have fun.

In the sign up form I got a message that the name or email is used but I have signed up before. What can I do?
If the name is used, just simply choose an other one. If you tried Peter, please try Peter96 or Peter_11. If the email is used that means somebody has sign up before with this email (maybe you). Please use Password Reminder!

I know that email address is used, because I have signed up with that. What can I do now?
So you can register with an other email but we do not offer, because you can breed as many dogs as you want in one signing up.

How can I change my name?
There is no way to do that. So before signing up think it about what you will choose.

I have lost my password. What can I do?
Use the Password Reminder which will send you the password to your email address. If you did not type it correctly, we cannot help you. Please do not ask moderators to send it in email because they will not do that.

What it means turn in the header section?
We use turns for timing. One turn equals one day. You can only feed, teach or walk your dogs once a turn. But it don't equal that you cannot visit them more than once a day.

What is the golden bone and how can I get it?
You can pay by golden bones in VitrualBark. Every turn you get 40 golden bones and for every dogs you get other 5 golden bones. So if you have 10 dogs, you will get 40 + 50 = 90 golden bones in every turn. If you don't sign in every turn, you will get that money for each turn.

Can I send golden bones to other users?
No, you cannot.

What can I do that I wouldn't like to be a member of VirtualBark?
Give away your dogs and sign out. We won't send you an alert, so just not to visit our site and you will be deleted later.

My signing up can be deleted?
If you do not sign in for 120 days, you will be deleted. There is no way to set it back!

I signed in but wherever I clicked, I am redirected to homepage. What can I do now??
Check out your browser settings. You have to enable cookies in page.

After signing in I take a long brake and then I come back to VirtualBark I am not signed in.
If you do not surf on the page for 20-25 minutes, you will be signed out automatically.

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