Great online game,where your can have your own virtual dog!

Would you like to have an own dog, but your parents have denied it?

Breed your own virtual dog here in Virtualbark!

  • You can choose from more than 50 dog kind!
  • You can breed more than one dog!
  • You can choose from many different dog houses!
  • You can buy pretty collars to your dogs!
  • You can feed your dogs with many different food and drink!
  • Married couple can have puppies!
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Are you looking for friends? Do you like getting know new people and chatting?

If you need company, you will find it here!

  • You can send messages to your friends through the messageboard!
  • You can speak about many different kind of topics in the forums!
  • You can chat non-stop!
  • Speak about yourself on your own Virtualbark blog!
  • Send messages and get new friends!
  • Found a kennel or join to an existing one!
  • On your profile page

    you can tell the world who you are!
  • Hundreds of players all day long!

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Latest news

Virtualbark presents a Christmas gift for all dog-keepers. Every dog on Virtualbark gains a Christmas bowl! If your dogs are using the bowl you can give them food for 9 days in advance from now on. This change applies to every bowl in the shop as well. Without a bowl, you can feed your dogs for 7 days without checking in.

We wish you a very merry Christmas!